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Sandals for Sunset

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I don’t believe in heaven

But I pray there ain’t no hell (Van Morrison)


The sky awakens dressed in angel gowns

Sugar crumbs gather in corner clouds

Sonata’s smooth out their sultry sound

Eyes crack open as summer jewels

Sun nor moon cannot prevent this fool



A pew surrender to love in praying rein

In love forever psalms always sing

Yet this morning finds me frantic

I dreamt I died of night in his Atlantic

I dreamt that all white clouds fell down


Faced with God I would have failed

God would laugh and wish me well

And I realized one old sane is true

Our old God and new God differ

From Christians, fools and Jews


Jesus now sleeps on a warm chocolate spoon

Dreams lose their cream when sunrises too soon

I caught reverence stealing a few glamour glimpses

It broke open my heart and ripped out my stiches

Blood for love forever stains, which Mary was insane?


Immaculate Mary carries the cross

Even in a universe where God’s gotten lost

And son of the sun will always burn

In religious men as they always yearn

But agnostic men climb the tree to learn


Then arise again father and son

How many times will there be just one

How many times shall kingdom come

How many anointers wear angel rings?

Mary, Mary life’s contrary yet sounds like a dream


Tall this tree of knowledge grew

In the beginning much too tall for me or you

Two hundred years before God spoke in book

Another two hundred before we were hooked

In thee of three immaculate conceptions have roared


So I’ve become a simple man, a simple plan

I watch each sunset polish off the sunrise

I live in here and smell each touch and sound

I wish them love in life with black book bound

But be aware of wishing wells with tales of dark sides


Watch out for fainting saints

Slipping from their perfect cloud (Vangoman)


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