Rough Draft

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I often wonder, do thoughts escape at event horizon?

Or, do the lights just switch off, provided you cease to be?

Controversially, consciousness has proven it's limitation rests not with the skull;

I am very concerned, considering my trust lies not with a Higher Power,


And to say we return to Heaven, or Nibiru doesnt satisfy logic.

Upon the billions of galaxies in the visible Universe I lay trust more life exists

Which provides the question, What makes us so damn special?

What god lives on a doomed planet absorbing our souls?

Or are we just chemical reactions in a brains circumference,

even though we all feel to be more than neurological processes.

Coming of age on a planet destined to collide, or face atomic genocide,

to realizing against the church pew raising that literally nothing is out there to save us.

It all rolls off the tongue just a tad bit depressing.



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