ON YOUR 12th Birthday with crying, tears and shame I write you again – My Son in Vain

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I call your name

You are not there

My heart left barren and bare

I have no choice

My tears run dry

For into a void I cry



My heart of stone

In agony doth groan

For my littlest boy

Hath never grown


In the womb he lay

Awaiting the dawn of his first day

To see his face

Oh what amazing grace


But what anguish is this

The sound of Satan’s fist

Against his body

Against his legs

Against his arms

They all start to feel as lead

With knives and deceit they smash his head


His heartbeat now gone

His life no more

In victory Satan roars


Another victim taken

Longing hearts for him aching

Faith in God and man breaking


Now in anger with God

How can he be forsaking

His God whom he loves


With whom shall he be angry?

How will he live?

How will he go on?


Knowing that this gift

He did not protect

He did neglect

He did not protect


I miss you my boy

I still hold you close

I still cherish your first bought toy


I sleep with it close to my chest tonight

Whilst in anger and anguish I fight

The thoughts of hatred and plight

Imagining your littlest heartbeat


I am heartbroken

In so many words unspoken

So many too many thoughts not said

So many truths untold

But forever I will hold my baby boy so cold


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