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Tired Life

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tired of life lived below average
tired of obsessions with disgusting habits
tired of courts treating me like a savage
so tired of living with black shirts and badges
I'm tired of addictions and bad decisions
tired of being incarcerated for the life I am living
tired of being a slave early mornings and programmed days
so tired of the image I need to portray
every single day to keep the snakes away
I'm tired of life lessons taught but never learned
tired of people demanding respect that wasn't earned
tired of not knowing which way to turn
after showing so much love and getting none in return
so sick and tired of not being able to in vision
a better way of living
like spending a thanksgiving
with the family that I am missing
tired of trying to be open minded
searched for help but couldn't find it
my eyes are open but still so blinded
trying to forget the past but constantly reminded
that life is what you make of it-it cannot be rewinded
stuck awake and wondering why
these emotions wont subside
sound asleep but will not die
so sad but cannot cry
seeing that i am blessed
so smart with no success
making to many bad choices
sat in silence but still heard voices
now i share my soul with the world in ways you couldn't imagine
going insane from all the pain where's the passion
screaming out loud with no captions
pouring rage on this page heat flashing
from living life in black and white old fashion
now I'm seeking for forgiveness hoping for you to see
that if you haven't lived this lifestyle then you will never understand me
life and ink on this paper yes this is how I vent
if you lived with an addictionthen you no what i meant
can you admit to me you felt this story till the very end
if you can say in honestly my message has been sent

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