The Politics of People

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Politics is all about have versus have not

Who gets ahead, who waits in line

Privileged ones who demand, until caught

Whose wants trump the needs of mere swine


Politics is all about relative truths

Data be damned, conspiracies claimed

Buying favor and votes from our youth

Bill of Rights and constituents maimed


Politics is all about which man gets in

What party plays, which party stays

Who’ll represent, who’s got thin skin

Speeches, fund raisers, babies and chicken plates


Politics is I’m right, no—maybe you’re wrong

Debates and train rides, buses and airlines

It’s who do you know, and “is that Mic on?”

Lights, cameras, makeup, and dark dyed hairlines


Politics is local, or statewide, or global

Its white houses, state houses, and scandals anew

Tourists and playlists, countless visitors noble

It’s an elephant or donkey fondue


Politics is your family’s deepest dark secrets

From Uncle Joes jail time to Aunt Betty’s brood

Its fodder for church splits, by Democrats for Jesus

The reason soup kitchens serve food


In the end, Politics is just simply about people

Who in theory make our lives much better

Sometimes costing freedom, like a church with no steeple

Transparent as mud and as stable as weather

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