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Silently Shamed

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Being told to

sit down

and not


a word


is the one phrase I remember most about my childhood.

The words coming out of my mouth were neither

courteous nor sweet.

I should never speak my mind because

what my mind thinks isn’t

what everyone else’s mind thinks.

That means I kept it all

bottled up inside.

What a way to live my life;

trapped in a shell I call my mind.

My mind is cloudy

and distraught

and scary, but I’m not aloud

to say one word about it.


The pain I feel throughout my body

is a pain

only monsters could feel.

Creeping around changing

everything that I saw good in the world to evil.

I wish I could explain it more clearly,

but how can you put the devil into words?

How can you lay out words that have been buried in a casket?


no matter how much people with they could change you or

no matter how much you wish you could change yourself,

it feels impossible.

So to make everyone else happy

around you;

you tell yourself to

sit down

and not


a word.


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Great job, Laura! This poem was raw and heartfelt. I liked the visual aesthetic of your opening and closing lines.

Joshua Hennen
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