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Bullet Back

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A soldier’s life is

Bitter cold butter

Under a hot cutter knife

Give peace a chance!

Hey, I was fighting for our life

Clouds fell down

Heaven fell behind

Snow was no longer gentle

Not in American time


Cracks in concrete form linen beds

Less space gathers between living and dead

Sores and puss lye on wooden slats

Working men pull down their passing hats

As winter is not all that will fall

Homeless men must now crawl

Once a beacon of the soldier’s field

Whisker sprawl on cement and steel

Soldier boy, homeless man

The deserter… Uncle Sam


But I recall his warmth of words

A quatrain never better heard

“Be all that you can be”

Now I’m just a shorter me

As life runs on for miles

I’m left in world war stiles

Wrapped in urine sheets

Broken yellow teeth

Crack cocaine smile

Freedom's out of reach


If only the sun would have taken me

Into her warmth of airs

And gentle rewind my picture

Where others no longer stare

Return me alongside old statues

In white Arlington marble affair

Where the dead were never wealthy

But were rich enough to care

Back to the days of the fifties

Back to the days of past

Bach to the child within me

Back to the little blonde lass

Yes back, way back


I want to say I’m sorry

For fog rolling in on sunshine days

For all us men who can no longer walk

Though gifted with nation legs

I’m sorry for our rapture

And wars that passed our gaze

And exploding hot clouds

That hit the ground

Instead of heavens graze

I’m sorry for my failures

The bullet scabs I brought back

For all the skills it took to kill

The safe ones seem to lack


America the beautiful

Shred your flag on thee

That I have lost my soul

For God

And all humanity

And for the begging

Of your change

Forgive me now for my name

I’m sorry for my lot

And all the things you acquired

While I was busy hanging knots


For Special Forces in that special time

Hey buddy can you spare me a dime

Agent Orange is now all mine

It’s left me in this spot

Along the freeway sign

Where everyone’s forgot

That once an eagle

Holding up your flag

But now half a man

I’m not quite the same

The look toward me

Is filled with shame

Stubble’s without my knees

I wish I could return

To the younger shiny me!

“Janis Joplin”

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to do.


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