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I'm the substance that keeps a soldier ready for battle

I'm the shit that keep the heat poppin,stick,move,tackle

I'm the heated formula through the midst of the battle

When the shit gets hot,drop,roll,shake,rattle

I'm the one that they call on,the one that they're quick to grab

Throwing me around,the chosen ones,yes,they get to have

Me and their possession,are you game,throw quick and dash

After you tip it off,run for cover,quick to mash

Mash on your rivals,mash on your enemies

I'm one to help you help you go and clash on your enemies

Yes,that flaming substance I have,gonna win with me

Quitters never win,down to smash what was meant to be

I'm the one who's active through the heat of the moment

While provoking the battle,oppose from leaving the moment

If someone loose a loved one,it might be grieve from the moment

And you reap what you sow,it's like I'm reaping the moment

I'm the one a terrorist might use for revenge

I'm the one the militants might use again and again

I'm the one to set the flame off,I'm the one they commend

And set it off consistently,damn,I did it again

I'm the damn show shock

Quick,duck low,drop

3,2,1,tick,boom,bout to blow,drop

I'm the damn shit to make them drop it like it's hot

Make them dedicated militants pop it like it's hot

Go and pop it while it's cocked

Prepare to rock it while it's cocked

Yo,you wanna set me off,go and pop it while it's hot

I'm the main substance that erupts the spot when I speak

Speaking with a big roar,make them stop when I speak

3,2,1,tick,boom,drop when I speak

Gotta get it poppin',gotta make it pop when I speak

And when I make myself heard,oppose from tryna stay calm

Or go and take a risk in my presence with a face palm

Evacuate when I blow,run for cover,lay calm

Yes,I'm the one,y'all,yes,I'm the napalm


(c)2013- Kris Smith

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Thank you for your poem and welcome to Hennen's Observer! I enjoyed the rhythmic & suggestive nature of it. Have you performed this poem?

Joshua Hennen
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Yes,I've performed it before. Thanks.

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This great power all depends on the hand of a man to ignite....good read.

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