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I want you to go

To  preschool

And mash the crayola crayons

Into tiny shards of wax

And bulldoze every block tower

With your sticky-fingered fist


I want you to use your

outdoor voice

During silent reading time

And if you want permission

To get a drink or pee

March right out of that room

And if your teacher asks

About raising hands

Raise your finger for her



I want you to smoke

In the girls room

And the boys room for that matter

And decorate your spray-painted

Locker door

With every detention slip


I want you to move away

After trading your cap and gown

For cigarettes

And setting your D- report cards ablaze

To some bohemian city

Where you write the book

That changes how people think


And I want you scream

And punch the wall

Every time someone claims

“I knew you were gonna be a star”

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Thank you for this excellent poem. It was well structured and lucid. Sometimes poetry can become somewhat tangential. But this poem speaks to the dreams of all artists, doesn't it? Welcome to Hennen's Observer!

Joshua Hennen
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