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closed eyes

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I closed my eyes                               and this story I heard:



It was a tale for you                        it was  paradise                 I experienced in the dark



It was the beach               it was the jungle               there was mist in the air there was mist in the sky

There was freedom there was me there was you


There was no longing or needing                              all I longed for was the need for us

If I was there                                                                                                     you were there

Silence and peace                                            played                  in the violins       in my mind


Truer joy had never been had    truer comfort had never been felt           truer life was never lived


When I closed my eyes                                                 this is what life became


The beating of the drums                             before tribal dances       of tribal celebrations

 The beating of hearts                    in anticipation                                    of waking

Of waking by dawn’s gentle light              and                                        by a gentler touch


By a gentler kiss



This is how life would see us                                       if only we lived every day with our eyes closed




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