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Dra ac ula

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I’m gonna nibble some neck

Under this red blood moon

Howl a fang sang song

With eyes in full bloom

Gonna make my mark

Two petite puncture wounds

Mesmerize your eyes

To do what I do

With juice so warm

Like midsummer June

I can wait anymore

Kissing spots of perfume

Sliding down on the deck

Bending back your neck

I’m not ashamed

Call out my name

Dar ac ula


A skin pop drink

A red pinch of pain

A neck line of mink

Drives a vamp so insane

Taste of your warmth

In pulsating vein

A dribble or two

Will never sooth

The hunger I have

For a girl like you

Call out my name

Because a love like this

Always ends to soon

Ah! But tomorrow night

Another full moon

Another date

With a mortal cake

Say my name

Dra ac ula


Howl I love you




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