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Soliloquy to Astronomy

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This love for life…


I pause at its description

For it truly is an addiction    

Unexplained by its diction

Charades, facts and fictions


Within our art and science

A relationship without alliance

Our acceptance of defiance

Our intermittent thin reliance

A soliloquy to astronomy

Asking who the hell are we?           

A grain of sand or big dipper

An echo of the bigger picture


Were like a zipper falling down

Some creating light some creating sound

The insight to stick together without a clue

The human race together using all its glue


We sustain the basking of our glow

We know we must go on with the show

As each generation morals fiber have receded

Although impeded, we must always be reseeded


“This love for life” we can only say

Is sometimes here sometimes gone away

In the sleep that snoozes in far off days

Sunlight and sunsets sometimes stray

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