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Rock God

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Desperate knuckles cling cautiously

Creeping microscopically

On earth’s granules and stone

Cliff scraping edge to bone

Frighten fingers mown

Unclear of this new found fear

Letting loose ever so slow

Into the nowhere below

Everything is so unclear


Cold coughs from cave rises

Lung surprised at cold rise and fall

Mumbled words barley heard

Slink down the mossy walls

As mind slips into the spine

And finds thoughts upwardly turn

But pride must survive this ride

Lowering on flesh rope burns

Courage must now find the man

As owl eyes begin their scan

Into the lowering


The tremble legs push away

Into thin air of lower earth

Slithering down underground

As the heart nearly burst

Darkness overwhelms

Faith is at the helm

Down and down again

Into the cave grave

Of watery sound

Fog breath prays

Against any sin

Oh God please

Un-seize my knees

Save me this day

Save me once again


Enter the solitude

Enter the quieting

Enter solstice into soul

A new darkened love

Fills the vacant hole

And sliding down

Into this quiet sound

Stalagmite tears are found

Falling on pilings of white

In front of god and helmet light

Falling deeper into earths is love

Cave bats become cave doves

While floating on the dark

My voice becomes a lark

This world is better breathed

Than all the sky and all the seas

Of what fear should I have known?

Or why the scrapes to finger bones

Fear has long since gone

Replaced by my perfect

Led Zeppelin song


I am a rock god!



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I could totally picture stalagtites and underground caverns! Haha! Love it!

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