Metal Dance

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Part the dark with an arc

Beginning with a spark

Call this a material love

Leather scent and smoke

Shielded gas fields afloat

Burnt wire fires the flame

Her red skin feels no pain

Atoms raped and singed

Let ionic bondage begin



The dancing bright

Attacking atoms out of sight

Her cold shell of hard steel

Heat and pressure fight

Bond her bare metal at will

Metal sparks cut loose flying

As I feel her steel will dying

Arc burn as if the sun

Two metals become one

In her heat affected zone

Smokey steel clouds moan

Against his stinger gun


Electrode or tungsten tig

The wire fed down in mig

Electroslag or electro flux

Laser beam or acetylene

Heated scenes cannot refrain

Her hot metal must be tamed

Making metal understand

Her structural body

Belongs to man


Under the welder hood

Light releases dark

Moisture begins to splay

As puddles burn it away

Filling her cracks and lines

Strengthening her rigid spine

Carbon based and stainless steel

Hot metal moments are fulfilled

Adding material from above

The long electrode of love

Pulling off hood from head

Laying his leather in her nude bed

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