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The Verdict

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Time to put my gavel down,

I’ve been done judged the world around,

It started when I woke this morn,

Woke up feeling ripped and torn,

Not even had the day begun,

And I was thinking “said and done”,

People I would have to see,

Expecting positivity,

I didn’t have a single shred,

A single ounce, a single thread,

Of compassion or benevolence,

For those who were, just so damn dense,

I spent my day, talking shit,

Enjoying every bit of it,

She’s a whore, he’s a dick,

Kiss my ass, you fucking prick,

He’s too fat, she’s too slim,

The repulsion of the world I’m in,

The news is nasty, the world’s a mess,

Why do I have to co-exist?

The ugliness that's all around me,

Am I the only one that can see?

Wasted time on judging you,

Wasted vigor, yes it’s true,

A sour taste, left in my mouth,

The day turns dark and carries out,

And life goes on, without my say so,

I tell myself, to fucking lay low,

It’s not my place to judge the world,

Not ugly boys or stupid girls,

It’s time to put my gavel down,

So I throw it on the fucking ground.


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Very emotional thoughts. Strait from the gut ey, I like it. There was a couple rough transitions but in this type poem it doesn't seem to matter. Good Job Wicked One.

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Thx my friend Sometimes I disgust myself with how judgmental I can be...

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