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It’s the bumps, those damn little bumps

Dreams we sought wedding rings locked

Happiness and love all for naught

Remember how light mixed with care

How together we erased despair

Promising we’d pay the fare

The bumps

Those damn little bumps


Now we sit as mirrors facing each other

No longer a reflection of one another

Too many swims near the deep end

From tears we no longer could defend

The souls of our shoes now brown

From each others squirming around

From those bumps

Those damn little insignificant bumps


 And lumps

In our throats

Lumps from the bumps

Words that hit each other close

And now the best we could do

Is against the grain say were through

And remember the early me and you

When all we used to do is hump

Bumps, those God Damn little insignificant bumps












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