The Truth About Quaint Cafe's

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We assumed they were just places

Moments gathering together

Laughter, tears and human embraces

Skin and bones in stucco and stone

Visitors going to the same old places

Strangers alone but together we were sown


Quaint cafes park benches and grass

Evening cocktails help us advance

On faces leaving traces

Of friendships and romance

We were caught in the stases

We assumed they were just places


 Funny how best times fly by

Replaced by neglect

Or some other white lie

Time bandits help us disguise

Reflections of the wonder and why

As wet paint on our sky now dries



In line of generations we fade

Like favorite tee shirts or parades

Best of times best of friends

Thinking skies would never end

But clouds never appear the same

Some spring sun, some spring rain


Now; sits alone

Old men old women

Crushed pebbles of stone

Time weathered lines in the skin

We assumed they were just places

As the time soaked us in






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