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He said forever in a whisper traced across my ear,

Such splendor that word used to rest against-

My eyes pressed against their lids as I regain my spine

I long for the words to come back to my lips-

For the lie to quit my eyes and show truth-

Like spiders I feel his fingers crawling through my hair,

His breathe lava oozing down my face-

The pleasure of him pulling it back and drawing pain-

My back arches into him and I cannot pull away, or breathe-


He buries his face in my neck as the rise begins-

His teeth punishing my skin and tongue to follow-

All the while wild hands roam my body with nails.

Turmoil bubbling up, I dont want this, these words..

He pulls at my skirt and presses strong hands on my thigh,

and instantly I have forgotten to speak, or feel anything but this-

A fire is building up inside me, and I am only to react-

I tug gently feverently at his hair, am frantic for his return,

I am burning for the return of his pain.

I am not thinking.. Words. Something I had to say.

Oh for what lack of importance, of immeadiate trial!

As I fumble for his zipper, and press myself to him,

Our bodies caloused to the routine of each other-

Allowing his body to find me easily, and with delight-

He finds me again and again until I can no longer take it-

Then he throws me from the ledge.

The weight of settled concrete he lays above me-

His heat draws me in to him,

His heart celebrating thick in his chest,

He gently kisses my jaw, my chin, my lips.

Softly he gazes deep into my eyes, in search...

and I remember with fury what I had forgotten to say-

I gaze back deep into those mint chocalote eyes,

and pull his ear to my lips,

and through the returning breathes

I whisper

I no longer am,


Therefore no longer can we be.


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This poem made my stomach turn... it made me think of exes and those hate-love times... disturbing, but thank-you

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