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Stale Lavender

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Ominously swaying

Stale lavender drop wet on moss

How will you die I ask

With regret and fighting frost

Do you fear the tears of love

Or are you stunned by the loss

Love has counted all your suns

The moon egg is calling

You’re dung!



A fool for hate

You cruel tool

The palette taste

Fresh meat makes you drool

Sinking into your teeth

Syncing love you tweet

I will sync for love

Yes you will sink for love

You begin retreat

Falling off above

In be tweets heavens hell

One last valley, one last dell

Forgotten is forgiveness

Stinking dead eyes swell

Beginning to sink

You’ve peaked

And it’s just as well



Dare you fear how queer

It feels without love

Useless feathers plucked off a dove

Scissor words freely flung

Never caring who they stung

Falling between here and there

Stuck in-between a repetitive mirror

And so I ask you

How will you die?

Like a cold fish

With hot buzzing flies

Or with hot frost

Melting from your eyes

In your hell

You must cross the tees

And dot the i’s

Of this smelly thing

You call disguise!





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I think my favorite line is "Stinking dead eyes swell". I liked what you did with the whole sync thing too.

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"Stale Lavender" was suppose to be the title...whatever. Thanks for your comment, as always I appreciate you reading others work as well as writing them. p.s. I love your new photo I.D.

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I wondered when I saw "stake lavender"...

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