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I feel so much for someone I have never touched,


My heart is alive but yet I feel like I'm blind,


My head is in the clouds way up high, all loved up, I'm not gonna lie.


What might of started as a bit of fun, is now my world, my moon, my sun,


Shining so bright, yet so out of sight, feelings so strong I feel I have to write.


I almost feel like my life is finally here, within my reach and oh so near, but yet at the same time nowhere near :-(


On the edge of a cliff, a waterfall, adrift, would dive over any if it meant I got my gift,


My gift from god or the stars above, I never thought I would ever feel so much love,


I'm thankful that I feel, it reminds me im alive and its these feelings of love that make me want to thrive.


I'm out of control, my heart is in your hands, I feel so high dont think I'm ever gonna land.


You may think im crazy, obsessive, extreme, but everything I say is the truth not a dream,


I've never wanted anything more than I want you in my arms, I would give up my life for you without any quams.

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Wow. This poem was definitely heartfelt and the subject matter relatable. Welcome to the site, Jenny!

Joshua Hennen
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