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The Way Light Catches Goodbye

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Quiver the river stones lit upon oft water

How beautiful reflection interprets dance

Currents ripple measuring wet vibrations

Glancing shimmers and dancing glimmer

Wed sky and river into perfect romance


Clouds cover the spectacle

Electric water waves light the way

Between land and sky

You and I lye

Awaiting starvation of days


The writing man understands

The bloom of a single rose

In deep weeps come sultry warming

Spicy words breed fair warning

As salt and pepper granulate each day


Hunger this evening seed swallows

Vast gulps of the regale of tyro

Sun vessel sail’s the Capricorn Sea

Burning mates heave fire on her mast

Blowing the last candle wish away atlas


My windows have been salvation

I staid myself fresh and clean

And although never once

My tile selected by window

I flew free like the fiery leaves


Heart wave now collect morals

Enhanced without tomorrows

But of love I collected and borrowed

Intoxicating sweet written sorrow

Bury these bones in lyrics of marrow


Good Bye Monsignor

Sunsets ooze smooth in direction

Moons burn me deep in monsoons

Reciting reincarnation sensations

I lived with my life’s relation


The rose scent is of grieving

Long last the rose that stains

Long last the rose joyful bereaving

Long last these last moments of pain

No more alas shall I remain


The coma comes cresting the moment

Finding dreams on top white whip crème

Light might steal the soul’s last limits

But quiver the stones lit upon the river

I wish the shimmer to remember me





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As always, a strong poem rich with metaphors. This one has a dreamy character to it. "Heart wave now collect morals/Enhanced without tomorrows" Epic.

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Wow! what a compliment. Thank You Joshua. Should we date? ha, ha.

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