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Lovey Dovey

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You never see an eagle flirt with a dove

Blood has never been as thick as mud

Talons drip on white wings covered in mud

Killing is so much cleaner than love


Low brush strokes on a high rise sky

The predator in human cannot be disguised

Sometimes love falls, sometimes it dies

Killing is easier than love asking why



Razor blade love cuts into the night

Exchanging their vows for pure fright

Cutting spree frees this modern disease

As pigments drink free from loves destiny

Is their a monster living inside your head?


Am I this reflection in the mirror?

When morning close’s off dreams

Is it really me standing here?

God please let this be a nightmare disguise

The blood freckled splatter on my face and eyes


The distance between life and death

Is a gulp and a pleading last breath

Remorse a horse that carries away

The knife in a life that took her last day

Is it easier killing than living this way?


I hear a loud thumping

A pumping, the breath fading way

Be still my sweet, be still heart

Love kills when you get carried away


“Love is never having to say you’re sorry?”











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Nice to see the darker side of you Vangoman This piece is good makes me think Thx

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