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Writers Block No. 7

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There is

a dripping.

Hot and thick,

the droplets

Peck at

my flesh

Like pigeons,

ravenous birds.

I strike another


Wind blows it out.

I swear.

I better hurry,

the pigeons

are about

to tear through

my "cowboy killer".

I have one more Match.

I strike him, lovingly;

I need him strong,

I have plans

for my child.

I hold his


and light the way

for my

True Love.

Take the first drag,

waving my son




There she is.

My lady,

My mistress.

She sets my soul on "cool"

and whispers

her silent melody.

The Sky screams.

My lady sings

of it's beauty.

Another scream,

and I can hear

that beautiful


The joy.

The power.

My mind

dances in

its brilliance,

fire burning down

the barriers between Heaven

and Hell.

These winged rats

are tearing me apart

in droves.

My little

warrior woman keeps

the legacy alive.

I taste death

on her lips

and cry

for more thunder.

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Writers block my ass! I love the frantic feel to this... well done...

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