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Better Than The Hell

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its thrown from the perspective of the prisoner who wonders how the world appears without him.


i wonder how my world now looks!

do they still enjoy that graceful sunshine?

do the waves break at the rocky shores?

the way they strike my desolate mind.



is the earth not robbed of its fortune

to witness the stars and the rainbows?

are the celestial festivals still beheld by men?

doesn't the darkness haunt their homes


but like a pair of frozen fangs,

the winter bites me in this gloomy cell.

the aura of day has abandoned my eyes.

i wonder-is this better than the HELL?


flies and bees sing their orchestra-

the only lullaby to aid my sleep.

but even the mortified slumber is no escape.

don't the nightmares displace their dreams?


do they still celebrate the Christmas while

i am at the face of judgement?

this imprisonment will lead me to afterlife.

why wait so long-this is no better than the HELL!


the door creaked to throw a beam of counterfeited sunlight.

the security in-charge came in with a fluffy cake.

his compassionate eyes followed me

and then followed his saintly smile.


passing the cake through the cell window,

he wished me " MERRY CHRISTMAS".

what!does such a "Santa" still feel for a prisoner?

i wonder-isn't this a bit better than the hell!

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Although I like the poem... the leading sentence I feel is not necessary. The pleasure of reading poetry can be in the mystery that it holds and the intrigue to figure out the riddle.

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