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The Tigress and The Lobotamite

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Tender flesh in a patients' gown

Rests in psychiatric limbo.

A loosely worn skull cap

And a crude dispostion.


All I need.


She smiles;

Those dingy walls glow a brilliant offwhite.

The room smells of rebirth.

And desperation is two halls down.


I glimpse her supple thighs

(Legs surpassing moral obligations)

Beneath disgusting green cotton,

But those eyse devoured decency,

Once they grazed mine.


Murderous intent is thick within the tension.


Could she smell the blood on my sleeve?

The ancient machine sifting through sanguine?

Such a sweet predator...

Devil's charms handed me seven numerals

Lacking looseleaf,

I put it on my mind.


The underpaid gatekeeper scans a code;

He motions to the the thick of the jungle.


On my way down the river,

I never looked away from those starving eyes


They said,

"I hope we meet in hell."



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I LOVE this! Thanks

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Nice; red and green like the 50's. Tragic undertones of the past.

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