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 Tenderness. Who on this, God’s one most unfathomable Earth, can ever account for the sweet rapture of simple human tenderness?


Though you may have desire in your heart, without tenderness you are but a feeble, unredeemed and hollow vessel.


Though you may enjoy every pleasure imaginable, without tenderness you are lost and without meaning in this life.


You may possess the world and its every grace, but without tenderness you remain isolated, unwholesome and filled with unrelenting loneliness.


Without tenderness, we are all savages.

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Yay! For this poem!!! We are but savages trying to grasp the concept of selflessness... I do believe that is the field where tenderness grows... I absolutely love this poem. Thank-you

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You're welcome. Thanks. You are very kind. Whenever I'm feeling a little gamey, I realize what I'm missing in life is tenderness and always discover that in order to receive it, I must first offer it to someone else. An easy lesson to forget.

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