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The Siren

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Marie’s a Siren,

and she knows not she entices the ever-watching,



icy Siren,

your darkness is a shade of Persephone!

A fashionable adornment of Cimmerian on the cobbled streets, 

once fiery eyes of hazel are now drowned in sorrow.


so unbearably sweet!

You walk like a true temptress of the sea,

for it is who you are,

no matter,


how melancholy you may be.

The wave of your hips is taunting,

they unknowingly sing.

The motion is fatal,

and seals your fate with the Underworld King.

For Hades has been enchanted,


Poseidon be damned,“

his gray eyes start to sing a seductive tune.


the lyrics make their way over to you.

“Crash into me,

my Siren.”

“I see your wave coming,

come closer,

and crash into me.”

…how unfortunate it is, 
daughter of Achelous,
that you do.




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