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Kingdom of Clay

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It will be long past sundown

Before you make your camp

The mist closes ‘round you

And night turns fearful damp

Don't speak to Aphrodite

She's got nothing more to say

Another exile from

this kingdom of clay


Aurora borealis

cannot comfort you tonight

The moon has lost its luster

and stars have all grown quiet

You could wait until tomorrow

but it's just another day

and one day means less than nothing

in this kingdom of clay


Most words remain unspoken

you must calmly tell yourself

and not mistake contentment

for your paucity of wealth

You might choose the path you travel

though you will not find your way

on the passage from

this kingdom of clay


You're lying prone and naked

Your dreams betrayed by doubt

You can't believe you’d overlooked

Your one chance to get out

The queen has made her feeling’s known

She’ll not be led astray

It’s her only consolation

to this kingdom of clay


At dawn you’ll craft a small fire

of dried leaves and brittle sticks

And thank the Lord He’s spared you

From the dead and the quick

You set out once again

Pressing hard against the fray

Ever mindful of the dangers

in this kingdom of clay

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I enjoyed this, thank you. I love the name 'kingdom of clay', especially as a way to describe the temporary, biological nature of ourselves and our world. I don't know whether this was what you intended, but it's great anyway.

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Thanks. I think you're right, though it was a little more general and unfocused than that. More like uncertainty in a world of institutions whose interest is to condition us to believe otherwise.

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