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Beau-Ideal Romance

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There’s no need to worry my sanctified angel

Nor is there even a minuscule reason for me to bear stressful concern

Our hearts and souls lay unitedly in Eden from every angle

As we gaze into each other with something new at each lovely turn


Placing our absolute trust in one another up to our last breaths

We continue to ponder of the majestic moments we’ve spent

With just each other in this flourishing equation of love to be said

Knowing that I can always count on you through every uncertain step


Relishing each other for everything that we are in all our recollections

Our pathways of communication forever bridged to the summit of infrangible

Looking into one another’s eyes accepting that imperfection is perfection

While we continue to hold nothing against each but undying love


Never running away from conflict and facing them as one

Dismembering I and thinking of us to overcome our every conflict 

We remind each other daily of what we mean to each other bonded by love

Affectionately expressing it full-time letting our souls burst lively with bliss


The sight of you melts away any and all sorrow that decays my spirit

Comforting you in your times of sadness while our bond grows to be supreme

Coalescing tease into the mix and only you have my heart’s complete clearance

As you take my hand putting your entire faith in our love never to recede

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This a well-done love poem. It's very difficult to express the strength of love and its attendant emotions without seeming maudlin and gushing. But I think you straddled the fence nicely.

Joshua Hennen
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Entities of Hot Words mixed up with emotions, create oceans of love, As I loved your poem. I especially like the love and angle verse.

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