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"Behold the Lion"

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 Behold the Lion


Whoop; whoop, wings are painting white the Serengeti

Wilds waving good-bye on extinct black ancient tribes

In flight she watches the fearless king lion’s hunting

Innocently caged she watches and is dissatisfied

The swift burnt sun runs up the fish filled rivers

Moon shadows fall down behind tree top clouds

Darkening her heart is the heavens king lion crown


Do you remember me my faraway darlings?

When African Warriors ran this holy ground

Remember me howling in night time jungles?

How hard you’re little hearts began to pound

Creatures slinking quietly on human hunting floors

Tree breeze’s breathing made man freeze their snore

Now my children are starving my own shrinking eyes

Gunning down the wild and the proud African pride


Oh Africa, you are this living legend and lady

No one else could create and sustain ancient babies

No other beauty can birth such earthly wonder

Alone you created the sound of human thunder

Beautiful sun blackened queen loud but so very serene

You are the start of everything on earth with sound

Africa roars

Save me before my wild blood drowns



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