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I know what they say!

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I know what they say!


How shall she consume these days, on top of your touch of grey

Your soul tarnished nearer fading light and fast approaching night

But oh so very right this our hearts housed in loves beautiful light

And although stiff you’re standing walk and smile as gentle as we talk

In walk of youth my love has come un-caged and knows no other age


I just twenty seven would give my life for your place in heaven

Young heart strong with beat in this love no other competes

While wildly eyes of passer by’s think us so disguised and unique

Know you neither my sweet nor the furnace love given off by your heat

Let the world be damned for the love we have was born on ancient feet


I know flying clocks will tic and toc away our timeless love and surely pass

The black days when you will fast and only your graveyard marker last

But today sunshine melts the indifference away from grapes to finer wine

Writing history of you and I, this wonderfully written bouquet of rhyme’s

Time will survive us for sure, but for now our love is our only cure

Release your wrinkled soul and find; I will be what’s left of your time


I know what they say! But they have never walked this way


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