The Irony of Iron

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Sky streams gleam against flying iron beams

Shine finds rhyme in these highest of dreams

Mig inert clouds weld together drifting seams

Smoke signals weld trails of rich smoky dreams

High in the skies fly men on carbon steel wings

Flying into vacant lots of sky welding blue seas

Sky hooks rely on these hanging human beings

Death walkers, sky dancers, trenchant steel flies  

 Atmospheric dreams bolt thin air to steel skies

Perched on red knees these stainless steel men

Stab this new world together with solid drift pins



Children of red fathers grow taller in steel feathers

Climbing clouds welding our iron dreams together

Immune from cavities and death defying gravities

Copper wires air arc out the fires of rich men desire

While far below scurrying of what seems a dream

Busy ground beaters don’t see the irony of things

Still the sky guys unsnap clouds jitterbugging by

Kissing steel girders making love with steel guide

Indian men walking the thinnest cellophane skies


Wingless wide flanges glide in like wind angels

Angles and plates buckled down its heavenly fate

Skylines scrapped into shapes of large iron boxes

Baring the weight for some rich penthouse office

The irony of iron always comes down to the classes

Buffaloing the masses in their rich rose colored glasses


Eighteen hundred feet above our earth

F.A.A. Lights begin to flicker and flirt

Almost too far for a little wink at the dirt

Head feathers quiver proud of their work

Sky tribe, Hawkeye, Indian men

On blue plateaus above earth once again

Impregnating skies giving blue birth

Ant men with steel wings

Still they’re unseen, unsung

These builders of Planet Earth


A steel blue flower shown off by rich white men

Sits in full bloom under the stem of red men

Glory is found on the top story of men

Same old America - Same old wind

Red, white and blue, a sunset for two

But without red skies the sunset would die

Standing alone in a steel infested sky





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