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Flickerings of the Sun

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Candles just another spike in the lid of a cake called life


Strands of morality bind us to pretences of reality

While stranded in midair we reach for mirages of acceptance

The particles of life try to bind themselves together in sequence

Failing in fiction bare the true love and even so failure here is efficient

A world created by locks greed and some unknown monetary creed

Why do we feel we must become useless gears in a useless deed?


Truth lives in the tower of our lost hopes of childhood

We know this but instead conform to the comforts of civilization

Our casting is the binding that overwhelms the hot lines of our lining

Still we set sail into high voltage horizons that only ship in circles

The Tao in us only comes to shore in the cold December fallings

Too late for human consumption or exploration that come calling


Born in stocks and deeded but moments in between we catch glimpses

Your eyes meet mine in a forest with hanging fog and the flickering of sun

Momentarily we let go of the fiction to look inside the truth in us and everyone

The matrix dissolves and we see a beauty brighter than any sonnet

But we must not dare care or let overwhelm these grains of seconds

Or we shall be forced to live in padding or beached like whales dying


Ode to this lifetime our grandfather words are but ramblings

Mumbles and cataracts blinded to the business of youth

Bee’s busily transferring their precious corporate nectars

Collecting for their last decade of discoveries and dues

Missing the last yacht to seas of freedom

Missing in a beautiful world was me and you


  Candles just another spike in the lid of a cake called life






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Excellent poem! You spoke many of my own sentiments and the way that you generalized the human condition and then "localized" it at the end was a nice sunset to the poem. Repeating the opening line was a tidy finish.

Joshua Hennen
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