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It came


Rise of day

Fall to night

Rise of night

Fall to day


Turns the pages

Earth our coincidental soul




Sunrise someday-rage

Sundown someway-fight


Melting layers

Of folding self

This God self

I prayed

(the change)

I prey on this day

To Rise eyes

In balance

Above the sun

In blinded night


This one

Without fun

Must pay

To fight


I am

This day

To play

And I

This right

Passing torches


The absence of dark

Giving way

Remains of light

It comes

Yet becomes


Striking out at skies that rain

Passages pass on pain


Translation of flight

(Carmen upon the Light)


Can you NOT fear this I beg you

This light that has been shed upon us

Year after year day upon day

This unobtainable light

Anchored in denial of defile

This life where we all began

Where we all end on trial

Please set down this light

Under it is too much glare staring

Faith in clouds and faces made so loud

Ear bleeds with our knees

Are we this afraid to breathe?

Today I cast away that light

In favor of good human right

That scientific light

And tomorrow is tomorrow

And still we’ll be alright

Let us become the one

That’s just right for life

Not sky sprits

Can you hear us?

The switch my friend

The switch is the light

Don’t be afraid

To turn it off

And say good night

Good chameleon friend

Stop this crazy time

In the name

Of no such sin

Be us both

Love and friend

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The word "anchorless" struck me on the inside Love it!

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