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Freedom Rings for US

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Bound in corporate rope

Barons lay breathing in silk as they soak

Ownership found dead and choked

Feds find it all a joke


Argentina, Norway, Ireland or China

The wealth can’t hide from our rebellion

C.E.O.’s, Board members rich and Antoinette’s elite

Dragged into domestic and foreign streets


Rebelling on our Wall Street lawns

The house and senate mouth their yawn

When the sparks ignite watch them run

The U.S. military are fathers and sons


Fears scream out for apologies

Replacing snooty complacency

Mercedes turn quickly into fords

But there is no hiding, not anymore


Sparks brand U.S. onto us

“We” are the American’s

Not green paper paid with greed

The top 400 will hear freedom ring


Sing! Sing loud America proud

The green in greed that faded our towns

But the phoenix rises from its depth

Sparking the flames of America’s best


E.T.A. 2012, A.D., the world changed

For the you and me’s

Richly claiming



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Love it! Today is a big day for revolution and it is tangible even in the middle of the ocean... Overthrow! Overthrow! Overthrow!

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Hurrah, comrades in life and love all over the world! Revolution, marked in poetry and blood we do not fear to show! Fight on!

Knjaz Chernozmejsky
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