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Night Feeders.

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Night Feeders.

On me they feed
They puncher and I bleed
They take what they need
Cos on me they feed.

Alone at night they keep me company
They promise to be true to only me
And tell me I will never be free
Alone at

night, they keep me company,

I wonder if I was to take a bed fellow,
Would they go and she would follow,
I would be happy to see them go,
But would not want to lose my bed fellow,

So with the dying day comes the night,
And I resign myself to my blight,
They take me as they feel they have the right,
Lying in wait, as they wait for the night.

So on me, they feed,
They puncher, and I bleed,
Slowly they are draining me,
But never completely,
For they will always need me,
They will always need to feed.

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