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Roadside Lullaby

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Roadside Lullaby.

She stands there
She waits she watches she contemplates she breathes.
She has been here before
On other days in other ways for she has needs
And as she waits she bleeds she feels it she feels it deep
Deep within and standing there she breathes.
She watches them,
The others, the faces, the mothers, the mothers and their children,
She remembers the innocence,
She was once so young, so dumb, and she was once so clean,
But the mean and nasty, the dirty and the unclean,
Stole it away, destroying the memory.

She looks behind,
To the houses, the gardens, and the hoses feeding the gardens,
She danced there once before,
She skipped within the spray, so fine within the sunshine
And she shined too, with a smile she shined like that sunshine,
But now she looks away, that was another day.

She stands there,
She waits, she watches, she contemplates, she breathes.
She tiptoes to the edge,
She feels the breeze, an indication of speed,
She has to time it right, she has to be precise,
Before she makes that leap, a leap with a faith and a belief.

She lies there,
The chaos, the noise, surrounding her, dumbfounded by her,
And as she looks to the sun, she wants to explain,
But will they understand? Will they see her need to be free?
She closes her eyes, she closes them with a smile,
She drifts away, she becomes and completes her roadside lullaby.

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