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Pink Flowers

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Welcome yourself understanding somehow

Spinning umbrellas up and down under thunder clouds

Where water mixes up man with wet sand

Forming granite into notes

Where stones bleed out

And beetles blend in

Welcome yourself

To a world of


And delicious sin


Today they begin broadcasting Bach

Long after Beethoven has gone away

I hope I am not to societal forward

As you hear me and St. Peter say

Pink Floyd may never pass away


They are the 20th century Mozart

Have you caught a glimpse of pink today?

Before the animal message can stop

Before the enlightenment passes away

They are packing shiny diamonds in tiny sacks

Welcoming back thunder under colored shade

Mating relevance to sound

So profound it cremates the end of days


I suppose you could watch Picasso stroke hair

You could learn the eastern art of feng sway

You can study the color and texture of who cares

Be the first to paint cats with leftover decay

But before you misplace that stare

Come feel the Technicolor pink

   Before we lose them and their hair

As the 21st century plays


Welcome my friends

To the Pink Zone

You’ll always be wet

In this rein

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Makes me want to bust out my Animals CD! Thx

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