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At Your Six

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“Bless this One Lord”

I am the steel train

Speeding them through their rain

With or without the pain

Here is where I must remain

Earthbound messaging this human stain


I Strike the light to match black days

Crashing through their darkest seas

I am a slow burn fast on my way

Igniting the stream that flows in deeds


My kind turns up the lights

Against the cold whispering nights

These innocent souls only God may see

Fall into a true kind of divine intervention

Spirits always prevails within my conviction


I will not succumb to such an innocuous stain

It may scrub me down but still I will remain

In me is an eraser for these sorrowful invaders

My life’s light exposing the darkest of sun

But I the hospital Sheppard that can never run

I stay with the flock till the time and deed is done


For I’m a fast moving strong will train

With the tracks ahead of me maintained

I help to ease others who must endure this pain

Speeding toward that pure white rain

On a train that removes their stain


I at your six

I am the nine

I know when not to whine

Sometimes it hard for me to find

The lights as many hallways pass

But here is where I must sit

After life and during mass

In alliance with Gods son

Chasing away cold sheets

Racing the deadly suns

Sometimes I may come undone

But to the families

Mother daughters father sons

I am not the wicked one

I am the daughter of the Saintly one

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Love. From : Me To: You You just made my day... thank-you

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There's quite a powerful pace to this one, I love how it surges forward so confidently.

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This is one that I will have to really chew on for a bit to get all the various tastes. Complex....yes. Well done...always.

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