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I played it off.

I giggled like I was five.

I simply said "I want to tell you something but don't think I should.'

He answered with pleas of tell him.

 He asked as his naked body rolled away from me.

Offering me to whisper it in his ear.

"I can't. If I tell you I won't be able to take it back."

He pulled his arm around me and begged.

I could still smell him, smell me, smell us.

It lingered from just a few minutes before

When he was on top of me saying my name.

"Oh what the hell," I begin.

"I love you."

I listen to the deep breaths come out from his mouth

Part laugh, Part smile, part cry.

He then rolls back over and begins the slow exploring of my mouth with his.

The tracing of the small of my back with his fingers.

The new spreading of my legs.

My body is his and he knows it.

Again he is saying my name

This time from behind me.

But the voice begins to whisper in my mind

"He didn't say it back."