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tha barrell you are reaching for shoot my face off. for lookin at you

you ask me my sexuality and for my IQ. judgement day is round the hand of the clock a tick away

if i wanted to i could lie about my size and the brain inside but i would confuse your track and the journey you are on.

so for now, its the scent and the language of my body that compels you into my presence, you wont understand what hit you till five years later. and you will think 'huh, i shoulda done that, i shoulda guessed!'

i tell you are interested, but only for the mystique. the answer you may or may never get.

my task is more difficult as you sit on the edge of your seat. i have to judge whether or not you will leave. im solitary in groups, you know.

i dont sleep, like the city, i dont weep like a fish, i dont have money like a banker or kula waker. i dont need that or it to make that or it orgasmic

do you follow that if you came back to my uncomfortable bed, pen window to sirens and tell tale blue tit flat 'mates' that it would be awesomeness and disastrous combined to make a superhuman evil.  a little biit like the green goblin or lex luther. always in the back of my mind. the subject of school is tough, but not as tough as open windows. incendiary moments, flare and subside, this one subsided already.

i thought all that before you went and stabbed me 3.1 seconds ago. please lick the blade, i have every STD known to mankind. especially the clap. i got mega clap