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untitled III

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Untitled III

15 years ago gas at $1.029

2008 oil barrels at $102.9

Republican whites love George W. Bush

Christian values coming up lame

Democratic whites gave him a push

Wanting their money just the same

Why should I vote, they don’t count

Florida’s machines “didn’t work”

Why should I vote, they can’t count

That was his brother’s state you fucking jerk

Who are you?  What have you done?

A 32 year old know-it-all

Never voted, still living at home

Call me a 32 year old with a set of balls

Iraq is not Vietnam

There are no napalm bursts

Miscommunication becomes “friendly” fire

Air Force bombs killing our jungle boys first

Where is the truth, does everyone lie

The media’s spell to our chagrin

We believe Fox News, ABC, and CNN

And in four years they’ll do it again

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