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What is that noise?

Outside so coy.


Slam!  Knock!  Knock!


What could this knock on the door possibly be for?

Surely it is no coincidence?

Danger must be imminent.


            Slam!  Knock…KNOCK!


How dare they stare?

Stare at a man from afar.

While they hold feathers and tar.


Slam!  Knock!  KNOCK!


How dare they Slam!  Knock!  Knock! the day away?

This door will not open. Not today!

This door will never break, to myself I pray.




I yell to the door, “You may throw a fit!

But this man behind the door you will not commit!”


            Slam!   KNOCK!  KNOCK!


Why do you insist to pry?

Into the business behind my eye.

Why do you engage in this incessant chore?

Into my thoughts you feel you must bore.


Slam!  Knock! Knock!


Must you persist?

Stop this nonsense.  I insist.

You Slam!  Knock!  Knock! but I will resist!




Slam!  Knock!  Knock!


Irrational thoughts for you I do not intend.

Forbidden words I will not defend.


            Slam!  Knock...KNOCK!


Serenity you have left me no choice

Slam!  Knock!  Knock!  you will here my voice!


Slam!  Knock.  knock.


I am not you’re creative whore.


            Slam!  knock…knock.


The sound of a man who is no more.

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