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Pig Latin

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They come out as darkness caves in

Their shadow’s squat down heavy

Deep depressive aggressive

Their smiling sharp edges cut to the point

In an array of wisdom they spit as they speak

Voices and words mixed in an American blender

Filing into your life on a line reserved for friends

“Hi how are you today”

And you’d be right to say back away

But their shadows out weigh you

Off guard you’re light not even grey

You can’t push their heavy away

So you reluctantly say “Hello”

Is this Mr. or Mrs. Whoever?

We are about to change your life

Forget the Lottery, We have something better

But you know- their just stealing your time

Four dollar an hour soft talking Indian

They’ve sold their soul for change

And now they want your name

Fast talking guru wanna-bees

Guaranteed to set you free


Quick-what will you say?

Speak in a made up language, it could be fun

Talk Pig Latin and without a tongue

Or ask if they like barbeque cow on nine grain bread

Fart real loud and tell them you smell dead

Tell them you’re glad they called

You can sell their hair next time they call

Then you remember something perfect and fair

Click- You stole their heavy away.


“Who was that honey, your wife asks?

You answer-NOBODY, but below your breath

Just another tourist without a passport

Trying to sell us American dreams

Another corporate American oversea scheme

“Don’t they know?

I’m on the unemployed American dream?”       

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