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Look past your gaze of love

Past the pretty eyes and those pretty thighs

Standing like twin towers meeting at heated ends

Melting into her jet steam freezes you

Expectation and anticipation of coming sins

But buried deep inside her moral joints

Endurance and reliability is her secret friend


Here the backbone of love must mount

Past sweet kisses and sweet romances

Blowing on flames of those heated night rides  

The morning changes the taste of shallow swallows

A new love following embers into the sky

Mating of your moons has erased your hollows

As you hear the whispering within fulfilling eyes


Gather yourselves in these romantic trances

We all bare witness to those left on shelves

So will you run a hundred yard romance?

Or cross the country running wild in yourself

You still grow tents from her simple gestures

A single finger renting the space in her mouth

Hotter than the pinking on her nipping breast

Except when breast feeding comes about


That’s when a true man of true love shivers

That’s when a new proud father shouts!

Backbone is more than a lover’s quiver

Backbone is what it’s all about

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Wow, Vango, this was like hot molten sex wrapped in eloquent verse. Superior work. Thanks for sharing.

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I second that! I definitely blushed VERY sensual my friend!

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Thank You so much for your words my poet/writer friends. A simple word of encouragement can mean so much to all of us. So again thank you for your comments.

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