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Alligator Prayers

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The hot urine stench in the hall burns my nostrils harsher than the day before.

I press down and step back into the fresh air away from the hobo corner.

I wait for a year while I watch the wind blow the clouds above me.




The elevator opens slowly.

I hold my breath and enter the alligator, fondly named by Nani.

I side step the loogie left behind by Mr. 414 and press *1

The door slams shut and lurches downward 6 inches before starting the 2 minute repelling act.

Pot stickers have multiplied and it seems as though the local dispensaries are doing quite well,

I try to avert the penises etched into the steel, waving their wang-wangs at eye level.


But not by much.

The 50 pound panel that lay detached and limp for weeks has been reattached, but rattles unsteadily, threatening to kill a small child.

I lean back without touching the cruddy walls, shut my eyes, and say my daily prayer.



Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Give me the strength to get through this day. Keep my family safe from harm. Let me know peace in my heart. Give me the ability to make the right decisions…


The elevator lands and I can hear the springs groan in worn out protest.

The door reluctantly opens…

I take a deep breath and I feel centered,

Ready to start my day.

“Excuse me” I say to my neighbor,

Turning to the right I walk out into the sweet afternoon,


If that person getting in the alligator,

Are they going to feel the residuals of my prayers? Or maybe just add another penis to the walls…

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this is just my style. it really captures the essence of what lots of people experience - in their minds and in life - on a daily basis.

el socialisto
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Thx It was fun to write!

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Yes, I'm in agreement with socialisto. Your writing is very solid, its descriptive but not ornate and it carries the reader well. You tied it up nicely at the end. Writing works best when a person writes from experience.

Joshua Hennen
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