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Pure…pure pure pure so pure white is almost clear

Numbers of us everywhere it’s clear that numbers become us

Number ten is your friend number two just won’t do

Number one, number one, step forward you’re the one

Standing still will kill you, moving too damn fast can’t last

I can’t fool you number twenty two, number twenty two

Who are you?


Names vanquished thankless after all this time after all these human mimes

Numbers poured into the city nights, guitarists, poets, and performances

Poured out into a green country side, artist with secret life’s

So where do we dare go to show we are so clear

Into hiding behind that world of words and music

It’s who I’ve become

Live with it

Number one


No bother for me not no more, not with others joy

I’m standing still right here, right here where I belong

It’s been such a long torch red trip that I will no longer miss it

Numbers falling out of bottles of pills, alcohol, into the molds for cookie cutting

Strung into the young like a guitar string singing chosen songs…it’s all wrong

It takes time to unlearn all those things were taught…so long

So long it’s almost all gone when one can finally see

The sea is where we all belong

On an empty beach

Singing our own song


In the backdrop I hear the phone ring

It’s a wrong number

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