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Clouds on Fire

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A dark smoky rain cloud caught fire under the sky burning down into your eyes

Searing steam rose from my stranded earth as you lifted me up from my lies

I remember well that glancing stare that held me down low against my shame

Boring in melting skin I asked for one more chance to change again



Warm wet crying eyes and whispering lips wash and shush away all of my useless lies

Each way horses shall pull away my arms before I speak a lie against your name

And I shall die a thousand times before the dawn if I wrong a single sparkle on your ring

Let all alive hold you on exalted high and me down low this sinful man of bedded woes



It is a man who has fallen lowly into the ground up dirt

That he alone knows the shame and of a mans better worth

And I above all shall show you now

From dirt to love, it was you who showed me how

Forgiveness works 


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