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You, My Dear.

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You My Dear.

You my dear you weave your web so well
You found your moment to cast your spell
You took my dreams and promised them real
You my dear you weave your web so well.

You my dear are the perfect seamstress
You chose your fabric and stitched your dress,
You entered the party like the prom princess,
You, my dear, are the perfect seamstress.

You, my dear, you played your perfect game,
You open the door, invite them in and in they came,
You watched them all as they circled your flame,
You, my dear, you played the perfect game.

You, my dear, you bathed in your glory,
You never faltered as you told your story,
Your silk-like words dripped like poetry,
You, my dear, you bathed in your glory.

But what happened when the lights went out?
When the music stopped and the band left the stage?
Were you revealed as who you really are?
Did you feel trapped in your personalized cage?
The bars created from the lies you told,
The ceiling a limit you self imposed,
The cracks in the floor reflected in your face,
A realization that you were showing beneath the surface.
The Cinderella act beginning to fade,
The seems coming apart of the dress you made,

You, my dear, you are nothing but poison,
You weld your tongue like a deadly weapon,
You use misdirection to created your illusion,
You, my dear, you are nothing but poison.

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This piece is great! I loved the visuals I saw displayed, from my own personalized cage... awesome! Thx

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