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'Unwanted' Ramblings (Summer in Spring).

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'Unwanted' Ramblings (Summer in Spring).

Do you remember that summer in spring?
Do you? I Do.
Those glorious days within the sunshine
With the April showers outside
I remember telling you there were rainbows in your eyes.
I could not see your eyes
Not at that time not in that moment,
But I knew I had touched you,
I knew a tear sheltered inside,
Ready to fall upon that smile,
A smile I had seen once, briefly,
Pictured it, seared it on my memory,
Put it in a file, and filed it away in my...

And so began what was destined to begin,
A wanting to know more, and a desire to explore,
Innocent words wrapped up in conversations.
We speak as others spoke before us,
We use their words, their nouns and verbs,
We just rearrange the letters into other words,
New words with different meanings.
We would seek the essence of one another,
What makes us tick, what makes us go tock,
Feeling our way blindly, like strangers in the dark,
As we fan the flames of that initial spark.
And with time on our side, and days to waste,
We let the waves wash upon us,
And helplessly, we drown within the sea of...

Then in the seventh month of July,
Those men came by.
Leaving a lasting impression,
As they systematically tore my life open.
Accusation on the tips of their tongues,
Accusations made by the guardians of the young,
And I am stood standing left in the confusion,
Asking what exactly I have done?
So tonight as with many nights to come,
I sleep side-by-side with disappointment,
She pulls me close, kissing me goodnight,
Pulls me under, taking me beneath the covers,
And with every moment I am with her,
I whisper a silent prayer
She will betray me by taking another...

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With each rambling I see growth, each one better than the one before, this one maybe your best yet. Keep them comming.

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So I have a question? Is she under-age?

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